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Feb 10, 2016
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oceanus believers
Africa, Swaziland
Oceanus special prayer Oceanus believer’s sanctuary holds its special prayers under the guidance of leader Pa Terra the supreme leader in his sacred chambers at the sanctuary where he offers his miraculous special prayer to every believer who gets a chance to access him as per the appointment. The Oceanus special prayer is a onetime instantly changing life prayer that liberates you from all your confessed IZONO and turns you a free man or woman to become rich, have a blessed working life experience, strengthen your marriage and also protect you from all the wicked enemies in life. Become a follower of the Oceanus belief and witness the strength of power of Pa Terra’s special prayer. Tel : +27110390428 Email : oceanusbelivers@gmail Website: www.oceanusbelievers.co.za
smith rato
Oceanus special prayer

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